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Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is suitable for Tai Chi?
Tai Chi is great for young and old and all will share the same class.
What are the benefits of Tai Chi?
Tai Chi benefits the whole body, mind and spirit, including: the cardiovascular system; flexibility; balance; joint function; muscular and bone strength, lowers blood pressure, improves ability to relax and acts against diabetes and stress.

Do you practice Chi Gong?
We do Tai Chi Movement, Chi Gong fitness exercises and Chi Gong meditation for inner relaxation exercises.
What should I wear?
No special kit for Tai Chi, just loose fitting clothing and flat sole shoes; e.g. plimsolls, t shirt and track bottoms.
Do we work on flexibility?
Yes, but no muscular force and stretching to 70% of maximum stretch is advised.
Will Tai Chi improve my balance?
Tai Chi is good for improving balance and you can practice Chair Tai Chi if standing is not possible.
Can I do Tai Chi if I have a medical condition or disability?

Always follow your doctor's advice on exercise. If you feel it will be helpful to you, inform your Tai Chi teacher of any medical or disability conditions. We have a class specially for people recovering from a stroke, please email me at: westnorfolktaichi@hotmail.co.uk
Do you teach Martial Art aspect of Tai Chi?
Yes, but requires a class arranged specifically for this purpose, on request. Martial Art classes consist of vigorous, strenuous, contact, combat routines.
How is your Tai Chi school set up?
We are a self employed Tai Chi partnership registered with HMRC. We are based in Norfolk UK. We
organise and teach Tai Chi classes and also work with various organisations
, delivering Tai Chi for their clients.

Registered with TCUGB Yes
Insured Yes
First Aid Training Yes
Clear DBS Criminal Check Certification Yes

Other questions?
Please email Glenn at:

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