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Resources for Tai Chi Practice

Message to attendees to weekly classes at Heacham

Below are links to online courses that act as "homework" to your face to face class

The online courses below are listed in the order that you should do them. Do not move to the next stage until you feel competent and comfortable to do so. Moving ahead too quickly is a mistake in Tai Chi.

Also, do not feel that you have to do them all. Many people are happy to learn just a few Tai Chi movements. The main point is to practice daily and enjoy Tai Chi. Becoming overwhelmed and struggling to learn many movements is not necessary and can act against relaxation. On the other hand, many people enjoy the challenge of learning more movements. It's "horses for courses". What is right for one individual is not necessarily right for another. Do what has the most benefit for you.

Because your face to face class is catering for a number of  individuals at various stages, there may be movements done in class that you are not working on; in which case, just join in as best you can, or sit-out, and take from the class what you want and practice that at home. These online courses will help you to do that.

If online courses are not your thing; that's fine, they are not essential. Just come along and join in with our face to face class.

(All links will take you to Microsoft Office Sway)


Begin Tai Chi


13 Tai Chi Movements


Tai Chi Long Form Yang Style Section 2


Tai Chi Long Form Yang Style Section 3

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