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Tai Chi 1:1 Personal Bespoke Outdoor Classes

£25 per session. Details below.

Essentially these are 1:1 classes, but I anticipate that you may wish to bring along a partner, wife, husband or other family members or one or two friends -up to a max number of 5 to comply with Corona rules. In which case that would be fine and cost would still be £25.00p for the session i.e. no extra charge. Full details below.

1:1 classes, or small group, up to 5 participants, outdoors, maintaining at least 2 metre Social Distance. A class up to one hour is £25.00p. per session. So that you can pay cashless, I will email you a payment request that enables secure online payment by card after the session has been completed. If you prefer to pay cash or cheque on the day, please bring a cheque or notes in an envelope (no change will be available due to Corona). I will ensure that hand gel is available. Session within 30 minute drive of Sandringham. Further, up to 1 hour travel time, will be £30 or £35, depending on distance. At a mutually agreed location: garden (needs external entrance to comply with Covid 19 rules) local public park/playing field, beach. We can practice any aspect of Tai Chi that you would find helpful. We will swap mobile phone details to make any last minute rearrangment or cancellation needed due to bad weather. No charge will be made for cancellations but please text me asap so that I do not drive to the location unnecessarily Facemasks will not be necessary outdoors. Please email me at: westnorfolktaichi@hotmail.co.uk to make arrangements.

Email Glenn at westnorfolktaichi@hotmail.co.uk to book a date, time, location and confirm the price.

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